W-2 Announcement

W-2s are available to view/print in ESS.

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2021 W2s were mailed on January 28, 2022

NOTICE: This is a private system operated by the San Juan Unified School District. Valid authorization from SJUSD Human Resources is required to access this system. Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited.

Employee Self Service (ESS) is a secure web-based portal, available through the SJUSD Information Services Department. With ESS, you can review your specific personal and work-related information such as pay history, leave balances and W2 information.

The goal is to provide you with access to personal and work-related information on file and to ensure that the system has current and accurate information available in Human Resources.

Employee Self Service includes:

Employees are able to update or add the following information to their personal record:

Any questions regarding the information shown in ESS please contact SJUSD Human Resource department at HRESSSupport@sanjuan.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions:



Can I use my personal email account?

As a current employee, your district email is linked to your ESS account.  If you are no longer an employee please contact HR and we can update the system to reflect your personal email.


As a CURRENT EMPLOYEE, how do I register for an ESS account?

Current employees may register as a Staff account.

1. Select register from the ESS homepage
2. Enter the Last 4-digit of SSN, Employee number and Birth date
3. Enter login name and password (This does not have to be the same as your network account)
4. Select security question and enter answer
Note: Once you successfully register, you should be able to login to ESS immediately.


As a PREVIOUS EMPLOYEE, how do I register for an ESS account?

Attention: If you already have an account while employed, please continue to use it. You DO NOT need to create a Guest account. If you are having difficulties accessing your existing account, please email HRESSSupport@sanjuan.edu for assistance.

For previous employees that never registered as staff prior to leaving the district, account creation is a 2-step process. First, you will need to register as a Guest account. Second, HR will review your information and either authorize or not authorize your account. Please be sure that HR has your personal email on file in the system; see FAQ#1.

Step One
1. Select register from the ESS homepage
2. Select guest from the Notes section of the registration page
3. Guest type: Other
4. Fill in your personal detail including home address and phone
5. Work email: <leave blank>
6. Home email: <what you enter must be on file with HR>
7. Enter login name and password
8. Select security question and enter answer
Note: All Guest accounts are disabled by default, so you will not be able to login yet even though registration was successful. You must wait for HR to review, authorize and convert your Guest account to a Staff account.

Step Two
1. HR will review your registration information
2. Your information must match what HR has on file or your account will not be authorized
3. HR will convert your Guest account to a Staff account and connect the account to your employee information
4. Wait for an email from HRESSSupport@sanjuan.edu stating that your account has been authorized and that you can now login as Staff
Note: When reviewing your registration information, HR does not have access to view your password or security question.


Where do I find my Employee ID?

Click Employee ID Look Up link on the left navigation bar. Access to this link is only available on District network for current employees.


Do I log in under user type Staff or QCC?

All users with the exception of Payroll or Human Resource personnel should be using Staff


I forgot my password

At the login screen, enter your username and then click on Forgot Password? link. An email to reset your password will be sent to the address on file.


How do I request an absence?

Employee absence requests should be made using the district approved form.


My personal information is not correct, what do I do?

Please contact the HR department via email at HRESSSupport@sanjuan.edu with your name and EID and included what information is not correct.


My Leave information is not correct, what do I do?

Please contact your timekeeper


As a timekeeper, should I post absences longer then 2 weeks at one time?

No, absences should only be posted in two week blocks of time.


As a timekeeper, how do I correct an absence?

If request status is Pending (color of the request is Dark Blue) you can delete or modify the request. If request and the status is Used (color of the request is Light Blue) you must complete and submit an absence correction form via email to HRESSSupport@sanjuan.edu for processing.


I entered an absence and received a Warning message. Message says Warning Email notification skipped. EOFError end of file reached.

It appears the error has to do with some bad web browser cached item(s) on your local computer. We have come across this multiple times and clearing the local browser cache has fixed the problem.

Please note: Clearing your browser cache using the following directions will delete all website data including cookies, tracking, form data and credentials (logoff all websites). Navigation may vary but essentially should be as follows.

Ellipses > Settings > Advanced > Clear browsing data > Advanced > check all boxes > clear data

Microsoft Edge
Ellipses > Settings > Clear browsing data (Choose what to clear) > check all boxes > Clear

Internet Explorer
Gear > Internet Options > General tab > Browsing history (Delete...) > Uncheck top box and check the rest > Delete

Menu > History > Clear Recent History > select Everything > check all boxes > Clear Now

Safari menu > Clear History... > select all history > Clear History
Safari menu > Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data... > Remove All